Samples of my writing and content marketing articles, blog posts, Ebooks and promotions for clients and my personal brand. You can find additional writing samples on my personal website:
Etsy and Ecommerce Site Product Round Up
To draw attention to our latest product updates in our Etsy and Ecommerce store, I designed monthly round up posts to help share some of our newest products. Using researched keywords, I shared some of our most popular picks from our store.
Blog Post:
Concord Road: About Us Website Text
For this brand's "About Us" text, I asked the owner to send me some of her thoughts. I then edited and rewrote her text to have a strong, on-brand message that shared her passion for her business. This is the final result:
Concord Road: Subscription Box Marketing
For each month's subscription box, we designed a postcard with details about the box contents. We also included a design tip and advertised our private Facebook group. Each month we changed the image (which I photographed), and the text to match that month's subscription box products.
Inbound Marketing: Ebook Launch
To inspire our customers to purchase and use our products, we provided several idea books with projects featuring our papers, stickers, and embellishments. To read more about the launch and giveaway contest hosted with this release, you can read this blog post here:
Catalog Text: Echo Park Paper
This is the text I wrote for the "Hello Easter" scrapbooking paper line release. In this catalog, I provided all the marketing text. Additional samples of my writing for this catalog are available upon request (
Catalog Text: Echo Park Paper
I wrote the marketing copy for the 2017 catalogs for Echo Park Paper and Carta Bella Paper brand releases. This is an example of the product description that I wrote for this paper collection.
I also edited the entire catalog before printing.
Catalog Text: Carta Bella Paper
I wrote the marketing copy for this new product launch in the 2017 catalog for Carta Bella Paper. I also edited and proofread the catalog to ensure all products were included.
Echo Park Paper: Catalog Text
For this marketing copy, I introduced our latest release of "Designer Dies," which are metal dies used to cut paper and thin materials. I also mention other product lines, which our retailers may not have known about previously.
Scrapbook & Cards Today: Creative Editor
I served as the Creative Editor this magazine in 2019. I also served as the Social Media Coordinator during that time. During this time I assisted in planning the editorial calendar, wrote marketing content for a variety of social media platforms, and helped contact designers to contribute to the magazine.
Partner Interview Blog Post
In this blog post, I interviewed one of our partner brands' designer. You can read more about our Q&A to discuss her new product launch and her vision for this brand in the following blog post:
Partner Co-Marketing Blog Post Sample
To promote some our advertising partners, we created a blog post campaign to share some things we love about each company. These blog posts appeared monthly and featured five things we loved about that month's featured brand.
Here is a sample blog post:
Create Magazine: Assistant Editor
I served in this position from 2011-2012. As the Assistant Editor, I helped plan the editorial calendar, curated projects for the magazine, art directed my monthly article, and wrote the article content. I also provided projects for my articles when necessary.
Cricut Magazine: Creative Editor
I served in this position from 2011-2012 in addition to my editorial position with Create Magazine. Within this position, I coordinated and assigned projects that featured the Cricut die cut machine to worldwide designers that were featured in our magazine. The magazine was approved by the Cricut brand before publication.
Create Magazine: Stamping Article
For this monthly article, I chose a topic within the crafting industry to write about. I wrote the magazine text, provided projects and art direction, and then proofread the article before printing.
(Page 1 shown)
Create Magazine: Stamping Article cont.
Showing a Tips & Tricks page from the article that I wrote on stamping.
(Page 4 shown)
Create Magazine: Photography Article
For this issue's article, I chose to write about photography. I wrote the magazine text, provided projects and art direction, and then proofread the article before printing.
(Page 1 shown)
Create Magazine: Photography Article (cont.)
Here is an additional page to the photography article that I wrote.
(Page 2 shown)
"How to" Photography Blog Post
In this informational blog post, I shared how to style and photography crafts for websites and blogs. I included both do's and don'ts for shooting a variety of project styles.
Review Blog Post
For this post, I reviewed the Silhouette Cameo 4 die cutting machine. I shared why I love this machine and how using this machine makes crafting easier. i included project images for which I had used the machine. You can read more about my review here:
Product Recommendation Post
In this blog post, I shared the reasons why you might need a letter board. I reviewed some of my favorites and the different ways in which you might incorporate them into your home. I also included my product recommendations via affiliate links:
Tutorial Blog Post
For this post, I share a tutorial on creating this scalloped felt sign. I share the steps for creating the sign including photography and full instructions. I also shared the list of supplies with links where possible.
Blog Post:
Travel Narrative Blog Post
For this blog post I wrote about my experience traveling to the Country Living Fair in Ohio. This post shows my writing style for travel and adventure posts and shares my inner thoughts and fun memories of the trip. You can read more here:
Inbound Content Marketing: Scrapbooking Ebook
Sold on my previous Ecommerce site and shared through social media and Pinterest, I offered this book on scrapbooking. I designed and wrote all the copy for this book.
You can read more about this ebook here:
Inbound Content Marketing: Class and Ebook
I designed this scrapbooking self-paced, online course which included an ebook and a variety of tutorial videos students could download and watch.
To read more about this Ebook and how I promoted it, you can find this blog post here:
Inbound Marketing: Ebook Text Sample
This is a sample of one the pages of the Ebooks I designed to correspond with my online, self-paced classes.
Inbound Content Marketing: Creative Team Ebook
To build community and to share some insights into some of my work experience and knowledge, I designed this Ebook that sheds light on how you can work with a brand's creative team.
You can read more about this Ebook here:
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