Art work I designed to share or sell created with Adobe Photoshop. I have also included marketing samples that I designed and executed myself using this same software.
Inbound Marketing Blog Post: 7 Ways to Style a Shelf
Designed this infographic for inbound marketing leads. Blog post:
Mother's Day Printable
Using Adobe Photoshop, I designed this subway art piece with a variety of beautiful fonts. I also used clip art and hand-designed the elements on this printable.
Ice Cream Printable
I used Adobe Photoshop to design the ice cream cone and then added some subway art to the bottom, right corner of the printable.
Pineapple Printable
I designed the pineapple, dropped in the background pattern, designed the typography, and distressed the image for this printable.
Quote Printable
Using bright colors, and unique font choices, I designed this quote using Adobe Photoshop.
Father's Day Printable:
Using a variety of masculine fonts and color choices, I designed this printable for Father's Day.
Photoshop Subway Art:
A variety of fonts, PNG images, and self-designed images to create a Halloween Subway Art printable. Skills included this project: font choices, use of white space, designing graphics, altering PNGs, and color choices.
Photoshop Printable:
Using a variety of PNGs and hand designed elements to create a printable. These images sold well in my online store for their color and font choices.
Photoshop Bucket List Printable:
A checklist designed in Photoshop for a summer bucket list. This was one of the most popular printables in my online store, and was shared many times through social media.
2020 Jen Gallacher Facebook Banner
I designed and edited this banner for my 2022 Facebook page using Adobe Photoshop and photos I had taken for my blog. I also included my 2020 logo.
2018 Logo Design: Jen Gallacher
This was the logo I designed for my brand in 2018 using Adobe Photoshop and clip art and elements purchased from Creative Market.
YouTube Video Thumbnail
Using Adobe Photoshop, I designed this thumbnail for the corresponding video on YouTube. For each video I include a thumbnail, intro and outro image designed with Adobe Photoshop.
Big Commerce: Sales Promotion
I designed this sales promotion for my Big Commerce store. I designed additional versions for the store's banner, my social media channels, and my email list.
Big Commerce: Rotating Store Banner
Using Adobe Photoshop, I designed this rotating store banner for my 2017 self-paced classes featured in my online Big Commerce store.
Self-Pace Class Marketing Image
I designed this image for my self-paced scrapbooking class hosted on Using fonts that matched the feel of the class and images I designed, I used Adobe Photoshop to complete this marketing ad.
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