Samples of my product photography. For each photograph, I style the product, photograph the product, and edit the final image. Based on the client's request, I will provide multiple images including horizontal and vertically styled shots, close-ups, full-product images, and sneak peek images. Products are photographed per the branding style and image of the brand.
Product Photography: Earrings
Shot with DSLR, edited in Photoshop. Shows use of dark background, good lighting, sharp focus on the product, and a bokeh effect in the foreground.
Product Photography: Close Up
Shot with DSLR, edited in Photoshop. Great option for social media images, or for secondary product images on a website. Use of interesting shooting angle, bokeh effect, good lighting, and a carefully selected focal point.
Product Photography: Candle
Edited in Photoshop. Good option for when you want greenery in your product photography, but still want the focus on the product. Product has sharp focus, while greenery is blurred.
Product Photography: Fabric Carrot Staged in Setting
Good use of staging. Perfect for branding images, that show the company's design aesthetic. Gives a seasonal feel without being over the top.

Product Photography: Social Media Header
Basic staging elements and dark colors and textures selected to match the branding of the company. Provided regular photography options for the company's marketing efforts.
Product Photography: Shipping Box/Container
Shooting the product to entice buyers to join club. Create anticipation through the use of a product shipping box staged in a beautiful home. As this was a home decor club, we wanted to show how you could turn what you received into something gorgeous for your home.

Product Photography: Staged Hand Towel
Using home decor items to "place" product in a warm and welcoming setting. In addition to our straight up product shots, we often added setting shots to our online store. These looked beautiful as Pins, backgrounds for marketing pieces, and more.
Product Photography: Close Up
Shooting the texture of a hot pad for a sneak peek of upcoming shipment. These close-up shots were often requested to create excitement for an upcoming project. The use of white backgrounds was used uniformly throughout the marketing for these images, as was black.
Product Photography: Staged
Staging the farmhouse sign in a setting. Shot with DSLR, edited in Adobe Photoshop. On brand styling with farmhouse decor.
Product Photography: Extreme Close Up
Showing the texture and design of wood veener shapes. Shot with DSLR, edited in Photoshop. Warmed to fit on-brand styling and colors.
Product Photography: Giveaway
Styled and shot the elements of a product giveaway. Shot with DSLR, in studio, edited in Photoshop.
Product Photography: Staged Products
Staged smaller products in glass bottles to give idea of how to store these items. Deep and rich colors used to fit the brand. Shot with DSLR and edited in Photoshop.
Product Photography: Scrapbooking Paper Line
Rolled papers to show inside and outside pattern. Staged with additional elements from the line. Shot at a unique angle. Used wooden surface to match on-brand style.
Product Photography: Online Catalog
Staged and shot wooden stamps in white setting for online catalog image. Provided several options for the final catalog.
Product Photography: Staged Product
Painted and styled the cat pegboard in a setting. Served as secondary and marketing image to sell this style of pegboard. Shot with DSLR and edited in Photoshop.
Product Photography: Outside of Package
To show how the product looks outside of the package, I shot these wood veneer pieces in wooden bowls. This warmed the product and also showed additional details that the product packaging obscured with its plastic covering.
Product Photography: Staged
To show an idea of how you can stage and use the letter board, I staged this letter board in a great room setting. Shot in natural light with a DSLR, and edited in Photoshop.
Product Photography: Close Up
To show how the product could look with additional elements (the embroidery floss), I stitched the letters and then shot then on a white surface. I gave them both a full shot, as well as, additional close up, beauty shots.
Product Photography: Product Line Overview
To show some of the available options for this product line, I staged and shot the wooden surfaces and words in a setting that included greenery. While the greenery was not part of the product line, it evokes the style of the brand. Shot with studio lights and a DSLR.
Product Photography: Cropped In Staged
As a secondary image for this letter board, I cropped in the shot and showed more of the product. I used a bokeh effect to blur out the foreground and focused in on the letter board.
Product Photography: Storage Options
To show how the product might be stored, I selected a clear container that could hold several of the product types. I shot from above at an angle. Shot with studio lights and a DSLR.
Product Photography: Close Up Image
To show these scrapbooking papers in an interesting way, I rolled the papers and shot them at an angle. I also provided other shot options for the client to choose from.
Product Photography: Opened Package
To show more of what this product packaging contained, I opened the package and shot the embellishments in bowls and as a flat lay. Shooting down and at a angle makes the images more interesting. Shot with studio lights using a DSLR.
Product Photography: Staged
To show both sides of this sticker set, I opened the package and staged the sheets in a setting that fit with the brand and the product release, which had a farmhouse feel. I used a white background and clipboard and black and wooden elements to keep the focus on the stickers. This served as a secondary and beauty shot for this product.
Product Photography: Product Line Overview
To give the consumer a feel for what the entire product line looks like as one piece, I staged and shot elements of the line together. I gave the client several different options so they could use these images for website images and marketing images.
Product Photography: Food
For a Valentine social media post, I shot these Valentine candies in a pink bowl with a slight bokeh effect. Shot with studio lights and warmed in Photoshop.
Product Photography: Lifestyle Setting
For this lifestyle photography, I chose gold, pink, and black and white elements. I staged a scene and then cropped in the shot during the editing process. These serve as beauty shots or filler shots for social media.
Product Photography: Affiliate Partnership
Firmoo sent me a pair of their glasses for free, and I staged and shot them in a setting to help market their brand. For affiliate shots, I try to keep the eye on the product but also create a subtle background that gives the product a warm feeling.
Product Photography: Close Up Social Media Shot
For use as color or texture fillers in a social media feed, I will shoot products that have a certain color, texture, or feeling. These are felt beads and shot with a strong bokeh effect. Shot with studio lights and a DSLR.
Product Photography: Product Line Overview
To show some of the color options in this Target paint product line, I shot them in a line with a strong bokeh effect. The first few paint containers show the label and brand of the paint, while the following images simply highlight the color options.
Product Photography: Close Up Social Media Shot
Another color filler for a social media feed. Pencils were styled as a flat lay and shot at an angle. This shot features studio lights and a DSLR.
Product Photography: Close Up Social Media Shot
Product is flat and shot at an angle. The front, pink pinwheel has a bokeh effect with the focus on the teal pinwheel. Interesting product image for social media feeds.
Product Photography: Food
Three different kinds of candy were placed in white bowls. I shot an a very tight focus with only one piece of candy in focus and the rest with a bokeh effect. Shows the texture and beauty of the candy.
Product Photography: Close Up
Showing the color options of this line of stamping ink, I stacked the containers according to color families and then tightly cropped in my focus on one of the ink blocks.
Product Photography: Food
I tilted the back bowl so you can see some of the candy and then focused in on just the top surface of the main candy bowl. I upped the whites in the post processing.
Product Photography: Seasonal Imagery
For a seasonal social media image, I styled a vintage camera with some autumn leaves. I played with the focal point and chose this image as my favorite.
Product Photography: Product Line Overview
To show options for letter board products, I staged them in a storage-inspired setting. I poured out the gold bottle so you can see some of the letters more closely. I shot this image both at a vertical and horizontal angle.
Product Photography: Product Partnerships
I combined several products from different brands in a  yellow and navy color scheme. This is a visual interest image that allows me to further discuss how I "shop" for products.
Product Photography: Seasonal Flat Lay
I styled a birthday scene with gold letters, tickets, buttons, and a party hat. I shot this image from above and brightened it in post processing.
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