Samples of projects I have created and then styled and photographed. I have worked with a variety of brands to showcase their products, as well as, worked on my own projects independently. You can find most of my work at
Project Photography: Father's Day Mini Toppers
Designed this Father's Day project, staged, photographed, and wrote tutorial blog post. Each project post included several different staged shots with different staging, photography angles, and center focuses to give me more options for Pins for Pinterest.
Blog Post:
Project Photography: Company Sponsored Post
Used Echo Park Paper's paper products to design small gift bags, staged, photographed and edited this shot. Because this company was known for their color and design choices, the focus in the staging was to include a dark background to make the colors of the products pop.
Project Photography: Altered Birthday Hats
Designed this project, staged the shot, edited the photo, and wrote tutorial blog post. Again, the use of black helps colors pop. I often shoot with both a black and white background to give me more options for marketing images.
Blog Post:
Project Photography: Die Cut Treat Box
Designed this die cut project, staged, photographed, and edited this shot for a sponsored blog post for Cricut. The use of photo props helps my photography stand out. If the client, or I personally want some texture or added interest to a photo, I keep several simple props on hand to enhance my photography.
Project Photography: Bokeh Effect.
Using a shallow depth of field to draw attention to the project in the front of the image. Designed this project, styled, photographed, and edited this shot. To keep photography interesting and to provide options for my clients, I offer several background and tabletop options. This one features a chalkboard effect in the background and a gray wood tabletop.
Project Photography: Chalkboard Wooden Disks
Photographed completed project with some of the supplies used to create this project.
Blog Post:
Project Photography: Spray Painted Project
Project featuring a spray painted trophy. Tutorial step out images and supply list included in the blog post.
Blog Post:
Project Photography: Die Cut Box Toppers
Using a die cut from a favorite brand, I created a tutorial blog post on how to create these charming box toppers.
Blog Post:
Project Photography: Set of Candy Jars
Tutorial on how to create "Happy Pill" Jars includes photography, step-out images, and instructions.
Blog Post:
Project Photography: Staged Wreath
Tutorial gives instructions on how to create a honeycomb wreath. Step-out images and final images in a staged setting are included.
Blog Post:
Project Photography: Company Sponsor
Tutorial blog post on how to create a lemonade sign with products donated by Silhouette.
Blog Post:
Project Photography: Colored Background
Switching up the background colors but staying on-brand helps my project photos feel cohesive in my social media branding. This project is a wreath kids can make for Mother's Day and includes step-out images and instructions.
Blog Post:
Project Photography: Styled Setting
Using a few props helps give the project presence. For instance, selecting textural elements in fun colors for this paper mache project, evokes the feeling of happiness.
Instructional Blog Post:
Project Photography: On Brand Colors
Using black or white in my project photography keeps my images looking bright, saturated and cohesive.
Additional images included in this blog post:
Project Photography: Feminine Styling
Using feminine props helps convey the message that this project would work for a Mother's Day gift, or as a present for a female friend.
Additional images located in this blog post:
Project Photography: Background Color Options
For this blog post, I used both a white background; as well as, a blue photography background. This allowed me the option to pin more images and share different options on social media.
Blog Post:
Project Photography: Groups of 3
Often I'll shoot 3 projects in one setting to show options or to create depth and interest for the blog post. Sometimes I'll shoot all the projects in focus, like these paper cacti. Other times, I will blur some of the images to draw attention to one special project.

Project Photography: Seasonal Props
Using seasonal props, such as the 4th of July paper fans in the back of this project photo helps give seasonal meaning to a project. I shot several different iterations of this project in this blog post:
Project Photography: Flay Lay
For each project, I shoot from several different angles. For this shot, I created a flay lay and shot straight down into the project. To eliminate shadows, I used studio lights and edited it in Photoshop.
Project Photography: Sponsored Post
When photographing projects for a sponsored post, I will include as many finished samples as possible. This allows me to shoot several images that the client can also share on their social media feed. Using a few props, and a white background made this project for Kerri Bradford really stand out.
Project Photography: Using Levels
One trick I like to use is to place one project on a higher plane or level than the other projects. I'll experiment with placing different projects on props that raise the projects. Then I'll share my favorite images within the blog post or social media campaign.
Blog Post:
Project Photography: Going Viral
This image is the most pinned image from my blog with over 10,000 pins on Pinterest. With a simple black and white styling and a little holiday greenery, this image appealed to many people.
Blog Post:
Project Photography: Infinity Background
By shooting into the project at a certain angle, I can take advantage of one background. This was the case for these Silhouette bat, treat bags.
Project Photography: Using Brand Products
For this sponsored post with Spellbinders, I wanted to promote both a beautifully finished card; as well as, the tools from the brand that they sent to me. I set up the shot with the card and the machines in one setting. I focused on the card, but made sure the machine name could still be read.
Blog post:
Project Photography: Bokeh Effect
For this sponsored blog post with Spellbinders, I moved the three projects into the foreground one at a time. For this shot, the red box was the focal point. When visitors come to my blog, they can pin the image that most appeals to them. I can also pin several different images because I have so many options to choose from.
Blog Post:
Project Photography: Unique Background Props
I keep several options for backgrounds and props in my photography studio. As trends change, I will swap out older and outdated backgrounds for newer options. In this image, I used a green letter board, which makes the colors on the stamped tags pop.
Project Photography: Pops of Color
When creating a project, I will try to think ahead to how the project will photograph. For this project, I knew one pop of fuchsia on one of the lunch bags would make the image far more interesting. With each project, I try to plan ahead to ensure the best final results.
Project Photography: Simple Styling
For some projects, simple styling works best. This may be when a project is used for a marketing piece, and additional props may distract from the text added later. By shooting multiple options for each project, I ensure I have enough images to choose from.
Project Photography: Sponsored Post
For this new product launch for Spellbinders, I was asked to create and photography a project using these "face" stamps. This is the project and photo styling I provided for this project.
Project Photography: Step-Out Instruction Image
To show the steps for tutorials, I try to include images that show the brand's tool or product in use. This image shows the die cut machine I used, as well as, what the machine cut. This helps with sponsored posts, and with showing the step-by-step tutorials, I provide for my own brand and my clients.
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